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WHY Music in Schools

Unleashing Human Potential:

Music-Based Social and Emotional Learning

Music is one of our greatest resources for managing our emotions, stimulating our creativity, and enhancing our performance. Music is also one of the key ingredients to creating a healthier and happier life. The goal of WHY Music in Schools is to improve the lives of millions of young people and their families by providing them with the knowledge and tools to optimize the benefits of music for their social and emotional well being.

  • WHAT (is it?)

    The design and creation of music-infused programs and resources that provide students, teachers and parents with engaging and accessible ways to manage stress, regulate emotions, improve creativity and performance, adapt to change, and cultivate healthier relationships with the world around them. Programs include:

    • Music-Based SEL Pilot Program – EarthTones Founder/Director, Frank Fitzpatrick has developed the first music-based Social and Emotional Learning curriculum for underserved middle school children. WHY Music brought together an amazing team of partners to deliver a highly successful Pilot program for 55 sixth graders at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Incubator School, in the spring of 2016.

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    • InspirED / Emotion Revolution – In partnership with Facebook, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Born This Way Foundation: EarthTones and WHY Music are participating in a new online platform for High School students and teachers to access free resources for overcoming stress and creating more supportive and inspiring learning environments.
    • We Want Peace In Schools – Recording artist, Peace Activist, WHY Music partner and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal is touring high schools across North America, Africa and the UK to share his experiences and personal message for peace and the power of music for helping us deal with stress and overcome trauma. Jal is on a quest to boost empathy and social and emotional learning amongst young people so they can become happier and more active global citizens.
  • WHO (does it serve?)

    Through far-reaching online platforms, partnerships, and collaborations, WHY Music will serve thousands of individuals looking for ways to overcome the challenges of stress and optimize their emotional wellbeing. In addition to offering invaluable and transformative life skills to the students in the pilot group, the Music-Based SEL program is designed to provide an invaluable proof-of-concept – to shift public perception around and increase support for music in education. The successful outcome of the pilot will inspire and support much-needed funding for music, arts and integrated social and emotional learning programs in schools across the country, helping millions of young people to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

  • HOW (you can help?)

    • READ more about our WHY Music programs and the work of our amazing partners at
    • WATCH, listen, and share the music, exercises, and video excerpts from our presentations and workshops.
    • LEARN about the power of music to inspire, inform and empower millions of teachers, parents and students, and to improve levels of emotional engagement, personal wellbeing and academic performance.
    • INVEST in WHY Music and our critical work at EarthTones by donating today or choosing a way to get involved.
    • SPREAD THE WORD: Talk to your friends, family members, and school boards about our timely and critical need as a society to prioritize music in education. Encourage them to support WHY Music and their local music programs.
Benefits of the 3M Revolution
“By simply starting my day with the 3M’s (Music, Movement and Meditation), I have increased my capacity for joy, balance, compassion and creativity. I guarantee, if you greet the morning by giving a little bit of your time and attention to each of the 3M’s, you too will feel a greater sense of balance and wellbeing throughout the day. Over time, you will be happier, maintain better health, and open up channels to greater creativity.”

– Frank Fitzpatrick, Founder/CEO, EarthTones

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