Transforming the human spirit through the power of music and film

The Technologies of Emotion

Rewriting the Future of Humanity

In his TEDx presentation to Brazil’s leaders in business and technology, EarthTones Founder Frank Fitzpatrick took the opportunity to speak about the power of communication through music and media, and how we can use this power to create a better world. It is these “Technologies of Emotion” that must be understood and deployed if we want to reshape the future of humanity.

  • WHAT (is it?)

    The Technologies of Emotion© are Music and Storytelling. Music has the unique ability to bypass our thinking brain and alter our perceptions without us even knowing it. Through a process we call Musical Alchemy, we can speak directly to the viewer’s subconscious, helping to define their emotional experience and literally changing the narration in their mind. By combining the powerful modalities of music and storytelling (through film, videos, games, live programs, etc), with capabilities of new technology and the reach of global media, we have the ability to transform the feelings and perceptions of millions of people in a matter of seconds.
  • WHO (does it serve?)

    The “Technologies of Emotion”, especially in popular films, videos and prime time dramatic TV programs, have proven to be the farthest reaching and most successful method of creating broad-based understanding and acceptance of new ideas in society. By consciously employing these tools through engaging media programming, we can help millions of people better understand critical social, health and cultural issues and create holistic and sustainable solutions to the issues facing humanity. Integrating this knowledge directly into wellness and education programs can help millions of others be more engaged, thereby enhancing the desired outcome of those programs. Additionally, by helping today’s decision makers and leaders in other disciplines and industries, like education, health, science and technology, better understand these principles, we can help build bridges between them. Doing so will allow us to create more engaging and impacting programs, better communicate important messages and come up with more creative solutions to address the psychological, emotional and cultural complexities of human beings.
  • HOW (can you help?)

    • WATCH the excerpts from Frank’s TEDx talk.
    • LEARN more about WHY Music – our campaign designed to inspire, inform and empower millions of teachers, parents and students about the power of music to improve levels of emotional engagement, personal wellbeing and academic performance.
    • INVEST in EarthTones and our critical work in the field by choosing a way to get involved.
    • SPREAD THE WORD: Talk to your friends and family members about our timely and critical need as a society to support music as a tool for transforming humanity.
Technologies of Emotion

TEDxFIAP: Technologies of the Future

We are living in a fascinating era on the verge of new discoveries and exponential technologies that will shape our lives and societies in ways we can only begin to imagine. Some are comparing technology to medicine, while others are insisting that without art technology cannot go forward.

What new disruptions are just waiting to happen and what new crossroads will these create? What new human urges will technology address? What new businesses and addictions will be created? What new ethics and cultural norms will we need to establish? Will humans become more technology augmented or will technology become more human? And what technology should we aspire to create?

In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading,” on November 8, 2012 at Microsoft’s auditorium, in São Paulo, TEDxFIAP ‘Technologies of the Future’ gathered local and international thinkers to help us understand where we’re heading.

Technologies of the Future

“Frank sparked emotions and magic with his presentation, lifting everyone in the audience to feel the transformative power of music and to be convinced that now, more than ever, music is an essential component of our lives and our future. Any organization looking to create a movement should include Frank’s vision of the power of music into their equation.”

– Nathalie Trutmann, Innovation Director, FIAP

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