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The Seven Faces of Music

Unveiling the Seven Faces of Music

Designed to reintroduce music as an accessible and essential ingredient for transforming our relationship with the world into deeply resonating human experiences, The Seven Faces of Music© explores music’s ability to shape our perspectives, our world views, our relationships with others and our ability to retain knowledge, learn new skills and adapt to change.

  • WHAT (is it?)

    The Seven Faces of Music© is a new and original way to convey the power and benefits of music through the use of metaphor, storytelling and original animated characters. EarthTones Founder Frank Fitzpatrick first unveiled the concept of personifying music by reintroducing us to music through the seven characters (the healer, the dancer, the entertainer, the muse, the friend, the teacher, and the messenger) in his presentation for TEDxSDSU titled WHY Music: Unveiling The Seven Faces of Music. Each of the seven faces demonstrates how music serves a particular area of our lives or society, and offers a unique perspective to help us more readily embrace the transformative qualities of music.

  • WHO (does it serve?)

    By making the complex ideas behind WHY Music more familiar and accessible, The Seven Faces Music© can help us reach and engage audiences around the globe who might be less likely to respond to, comprehend or retain information delivered in a more direct manner. As we develop more content, the animated series will be especially useful in reaching and empowering children and young adults.

  • HOW (can you help?)

    • WATCH the excerpts from Frank’s TEDx talk.
    • LEARN more about WHY Music – our campaign designed to inspire, inform and empower millions of teachers, parents and students about the power of music to improve levels of emotional engagement, personal wellbeing and academic performance.
    • INVEST in EarthTones and our critical work in the field by choosing a way to get involved.
    • SPREAD THE WORD: Talk to your friends and family members about our timely and critical need as a society to support music as a tool for transforming humanity.

TEDxSDSU: Illuminate Your Future

Sometimes we seek an answer that will explain our future, but we neglect to consider that maybe our future is waiting on our question. Is our future predetermined? Or can we shape who we will become and if our future is shining bright?

In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading,” on April 21, 2013 at KPBS auditorium at San Diego State University, TEDxSDSU ‘Illuminate Your Future’ gathered local and international thinkers to shed light by way of inspiring and compelling stories of the journey they had traveled thus far.

“Frank’s creative and inspiring energy truly brought light to the TEDxSDSU event. Speaking on behalf of many of the audience members, Frank really spoke to each and every person, and gave them a reason to listen. His presentation was passionate and full of life. Listening to Frank’s talk was like music to our ears.”

– Kodi Bobier, Organizer, TEDxSDSU

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