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Scenes in Jazz

Preserving a National Treasure

Scenes In Jazz is a multi-media project created to show jazz’s influence across multiple mediums, increase awareness and appreciation for the art form and help support music and arts education for youth.

WHAT (is it?)

Scenes In Jazz is a unique DVD and CD collection of award-winning films and recordings, alongside exclusive new releases, that demonstrate jazz’s timeless influence across multiple mediums (i.e. music, film and dance).

Some of the highlights include:

  • Scenes In Jazz CD – a CD of all new original recordings featuring classic female jazz singers and contemporary music artists performing classic and previously unreleased jazz songs from the silver screen.
  • Classic Jazz Shorts – a new DVD compilation of short films including the first commercial release Frank Fitzpatrick’s award winning dance frenzy: Jungle Jazz: Public Enemy #1.
  • Re-issue DVD of Academy Award winning feature films, including Round Midnight and Bird.
  • Live and Online premier events featuring musical performances by artists from the collection, as well as film screenings, photography exhibits, song downloads and streaming videos.

WHO (does it serve?)

By featuring popular contemporary artists alongside renowned classic performers and award-winning films, Scenes in Jazz introduces a larger and younger audience to this great American art form and national treasure at the highest level, both helping to preserve a national heritage while entertaining and informing another generation of potential fans.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the collection will go toward the support of music education programs for youth, provided through the Thelonious Monk Institute.

HOW (can you help?)

We are in need of completion funds for this project. You can help support jazz artists and music education for youth by donating now to help complete the recordings or by purchasing the Scenes In Jazz CD/DVD package (stay tuned for more information on the release). Other filmmakers and media companies can also give their support by licensing music from Scenes In Jazz for use in their productions, with proceeds going to support the project.

An excerpt from Jungle Jazz: Public Enemy #1.
The award-winning short film combines an original story and rare dance footage from music videos shot in the early 1940′s into a Reefer Madness-like satire where jazz draws innocent citizens into an unstoppable dancing frenzy.


“That Rainy Day” – Performed by Spanky Wilson – from the upcoming Scenes in Jazz CD
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