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AIDS Awareness Program for Teens

Reflections, a film for HIV/AIDS awareness and education for teens, premiered on BET and is part of an ongoing program in high schools across the United States organized by Scenarios USA. The film was created to help students better understand the truth about HIV/AIDS through characters, stories and music they can relate to.

WHAT (is it?)

Reflections is a narrative film about teenagers dealing with real life, relationships and the impact that HIV/AIDS can have on them and the people they love. The film was directed by Gina Prince-Davis (Love and Basketball) with the theme song performed by Neo-Soul recording star Lina. The song, Life, was co-written and produced by Frank Fitzpatrick as part of a partnership between Hip Hop Connect and EarthTones to reach and inspire young people through music.

WHO (does it serve?)

Through the premier and broadcast on BET, millions of homes had the opportunity to see the film. Through the online campaign and in-school programming provided by Scenarios USA, teachers and high schools throughout the country can use the film as part of their own health education and HIV/AIDS awareness programs, reaching thousands more at-risk teens.

HOW (can you help?)

You can help support youth awareness campaigns and programming using music and film by going to or by making a donation to EarthTones.

This excerpt is from the short film “Reflections” created as part of an HIV/AIDS education program for teens. You can view the entire film or other youth awareness programming at


“Life” – Performed by Lina – Main Title/Theme for Reflections
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Scenarios USA, Black Entertainment Television (BET)

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