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Just Like You

Creating Peace through Human Compassion

The Just Like You campaign uses music and video to break down stereotypes by creating greater human compassion and understanding among young people and across cultural divides. The message of Just Like You is simple: A child is just a child, innocent and full of dreams, whether born in Beruit, Iraq, Paris or New York.

WHAT (is it?)

Just Like You was created as part of a United Nations sponsored handicapped awareness and peace initiative using film, songs and music videos. At the heart of the campaign is a multi-lingual song produced by award-winning writer/producer Frank Fitzpatrick, headlining the one of the top Hip Hop artists in the Middle East, Rayess Bek, and featuring a multi-cultural children’s choir, Pincintu, representing the voices of the future from 17 different countries. The video was produced by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Disability as part of their ongoing work to help children and handicapped victims of war.

WHO (does it serve?)

The original Just Like You video broadcast to millions of viewers via TV networks throughout the Arab-speaking nations. Moving forward, EarthTones hopes to create more videos through cross-cultural collaborations, to reach audiences throughout other regions of the world. We believe that by helping young people realize the similarities they share with other cultures, especially as children, we can reduce stereotypes and violence, creating greater compassion and understanding between individuals and nations.

HOW (can you help?)

Donate to help fund the production and distribution of future Just Like You videos.

This excerpt from one of the Just Like You videos is part of a United Nations sponsored media campaign to reduce violence, promote peace and raise awareness about handicapped victims of war.
Languages: English, Arabic. Artist: Rayess Bek, Pihcintu Choir


“Just Like You” – performed by Rayess Bek
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United Nations Special Rapporteur on Disability, Robert & Jeanne Segal Foundation

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