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Hip Hop Connect

Connecting the World Through Hip Hop and Film

Hip Hop is one of the largest global musical and cultural movements today, uniting young people across all walks of life. Through the music, we are helping create new paradigms for coming together and better understanding one another – breaking down barriers of race, geography, religion or class. As part of the global Hip Hop community, we have a unique opportunity to help unite, empower and inspire young people around the world to become the conscious leaders of tomorrow.

  • WHAT (is it?)

    Hip Hop Connect is an independent brand specializing in the production and release of socially conscious Hip Hop and urban music for film soundtracks and social campaigns. Our goal is to connect and inspire young people around the world through compelling and conscientious Hip Hop and film. We work with the world’s leading conscious artists and have had releases in over 40 countries. Some of our soundtracks and campaigns include include Amazing (China – NBA), Beat the World (Int’l – Entertainment 1), Just Like You (Middle East – United Nations), Proud Family Movie (Int’l – Disney), Hurricane Season (United States – Weinstein), and Urban Roots (United States – Tree Media/Whole Foods).
  • WHO (does it serve?)

    Promoting social awareness through music that directly engages young people benefits both the organizations behind the campaigns and youth that participate in their programs – from health & fitness, to arts and education, to conflict resolution and diplomacy. Supporting and promoting positive music and conscientious artists within the genre can also help shift the negative stereotype surrounding the Hip Hop movement. Finally, in the spirit of EarthTones’ Music with A Heart Series, a portion of the proceeds from each Hip Hop Connect release help support one of our charity partners.
  • HOW (can you help?)

    By supporting EarthTones with your donations and by spreading the word to filmmakers and companies who can use our music, you help keep vital programs like Hip Hop Connect alive and empower us to positively impact young people across the globe who might not otherwise be reached. You also help bring awareness to the work and inspiration of artists from around the globe who are committed to creating positive social shifts and empowering others through their work and their music.

The official video for the song “Hip Hop Nation,” title track to the international hip hop dance film Beat the World.

“Hip Hop Nation” – KRS-One feat. K’NAAN & Lina
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