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Bring It On

Empowering Youth through Music, Arts & Dance

Bring It On tells the story of young people uniting together to fulfill their dreams. EarthTones chose the international release as a platform to reach and inspire youth around the world,  to promote the power of music, arts, and dance, and to share the foundational values of the global Spirit community.

  • WHAT (is it?)

    Bring It On: Worldwide is a feature film from Universal Pictures with a positive message about inclusion and teamwork that brings together some of the world’s top dancers and Cheer squads for an international competition. The film is part of an ongoing collaboration between Writer/Driector Robert Adetuyi and Music Composer/Producer and EarthTones founder Frank Fitzpatrick to inspire young people around the globe and promote music, art and dance programs for youth. The soundtrack and music videos – “Call On Me” and “Invincible” – help EarthTones promote the power of music, arts, dance and fitness programs for youth.

  • WHO (does it serve?)

    In alignment with the values of the global Spirit Community, the film, songs and videos will touch the hearts and minds of millions of youth, helping helping them to feel more connected through inspiring music, storytelling, art and dance. Music, artistic expression, and dance are an essential part of nearly every culture, as well as incredible tools for breaking down social, racial and economic barriers by bringing young people together to learn more constructive and creative ways to express themselves. A portion of the soundtrack sales will go to support EarthTones’  WHY Music In Schools program – promoting music, art, movement and mindfulness programs for at-risk youth.

  • HOW (you can help?)

    Spread the word, buy the soundtrack, and donate to EarthTones so we can continue to bring valuable programming and positive media to young people around the world. You can also help our youth have a better future by supporting your local arts, music and dance programs, which are the first to be removed from the educational institutions during times of financial difficulty. The soundtrack is currently available for purchase on iTunes. You can receive a free copy as a gift by making a small donation to EarthTones. Finally, you can be the change by simply expressing yourself through your own creativity and encouraging those around you to do the same – be a cheerleader for someone you care about: dance, sing, play, paint, celebrate and inspire the beautiful human spirit and potential in all of us.

    Available for purchase on iTunes

Bring It On album cover art


Call On Me

“Call On Me” Official Video featuring MJ Ultra
Music by Frank Fitzpatrick, Lyrics by MJ Ultra & Frank Fitzpatrick
Video directed by Chris Dela Cruz


“Invincible” Official Video featuring MJ Ultra
Music by Frank Fitzpatrick, Lyrics by MJ Ultra & Frank Fitzpatrick
Video directed by Chris Dela Cruz
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