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Beat The World

Connecting the Global Youth to Build a Conscious Hip Hop Nation

From the creator of Stomp the Yard, Beat the World tells the story of young people coming from around the globe to compete in the international Hip Hop dance competition held in Detroit. Writer/producer Frank Fitzpatrick used the international release as a platform to reach and inspire youth around the globe by creating the first international soundtrack of collaborations between socially conscious Hip Hop and music stars from over a dozen countries.

WHAT (is it?)

Beat the World is a feature film with a positive message that brings together several of the world’s top rated dance crews and parkour artists. The film’s soundtrack features international collaborations with some of the biggest names in conscious Hip Hop, including KRS-One, K’naan, Talib Kweli, Nneka, Ziggy Marley, Les Nubians, and more. In addition to bringing us their inspiring music, each of these artists is committed to making this planet a better place for our children. Music and dance are an essential part of nearly every culture, as well as incredible tools for breaking down social, racial and economic barriers by bringing young people together to learn more constructive and creative ways to express themselves.

WHO (does it serve?)

A portion of the proceeds from the soundtrack will help support a scholarship fund for underprivileged youth to attend the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA). DADA is a non-profit organization under the direction of dance icon Debbie Allen and committed to expanding the reach of Dance and Theater arts to enrich, inspire, and transform the lives of young people across America and around the world. In addition, the film and soundtrack will be distributed in over 20 countries, touching the hearts and minds of millions of youth and helping to shift the consciousness of the planet though inspiring music, storytelling and dance.

HOW (can you help?)

Spread the word, support the artists, and donate to the cause by purchasing the soundtrack at You can also help our youth have a better future by supporting your local arts, music and dance programs, which are the first to be removed from the educational institutions during times of financial difficulty. The soundtrack is currently available for purchase on iTunes. You can receive a free copy as a gift by making a small donation to EarthTones. Finally, you can be the change by simply expressing yourself through your own creativity and encouraging those around you to do the same – dance, sing, play, paint, celebrate and inspire the beautiful human spirit and potential in all of us.

“Express Yourself” – Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley & Eeday

The official video for the song “Hip Hop Nation,” title track to the international hip hop dance film Beat the World.

“Hip Hop Nation” – KRS-One feat. K’NAAN & Lina
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