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Beat The World Soundtrack

More than just another film soundtrack, Beat the World is the first international Hip Hop soundtrack featuring cross-cultural collaborations between highly prominent and socially conscious artists as part of a vision to build new social paradigms through music and film. Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Frank Fitzpatrick traveled the globe to write and record original songs with these innovative masters to show how the powerful influence of global Hip Hop culture can inspire, empower and connect the world’s youth.

“ We’re gonna dance to the halls of freedom, tear down the walls – baby, we don’t need ‘em.” – KRS-One, “Hip Hop Nation”

Hip Hop ConnectDebbie Allen Dance Academy

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Beat The World Original Soundtrack

Featuring new music from: KRS-One, K’Naan, Lina, MV Bill, Talib Kweli, Nneka, Ziggy Marley, Les Nubians, Shad, Bajah and the Dry Eye Crew.

Beat The World Artists

Beat the World, written and directed by Robert Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard), is an engaging drama about top international dance crews coming from around the world to Detroit to compete in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition.

The film also introduces a new dance style that combines traditional B-Boy & Street Dancing with more extreme forms of Parkour and Free-Style Running. The release of Beat the World marks the first synthesis of these styles on the silver screen, further pushing the edge of traditional forms in dance and music.

“Hip Hop Nation” – KRS-One feat. K’Naan & Lina

“Express Yourself” – Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley & Eeday

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