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Be On Our Way

The Song from the film Hurricane Season starring Forest Whitaker helps victims of Katrina

Composer/producer Frank Fitzpatrick brought together a group of like-minded artists – including Grammy Award winner Van Hunt, New Orleans’ born rapper Supervision, Buku Wise and singers from the original Hidden Faces – to help him create “Be On Our Way” the featured song from Tim Story’s new film, Hurricane Season.

Starring Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington, Courtney B. Vance, Bow Wow and Lil’ Wayne, Hurricane Season is the exciting true story about Al Collins (Whitaker), a high school coach, who pulls together an unlikely group of basketball players – all disenfranchised by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Against all odds, the young men learn the true meaning of survival and team spirit that carries them on to win the State Championship.

WHAT (is it?)

“Be On Our Way” is the featured song from the film Hurricane Season and part of an EarthTones fundraising and awareness program to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The song, released by Hip Hop Connect exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store, pays homage to Katrina survivors and the spirit of New Orleans in a stylized “Curtis Mayfield meets Tupac-like” blend of Soul music and socially conscious rap.

WHO (does it serve?)

EarthTones is donating 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of “Be On Our Way” to Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation. Make It Right is committed to building 150 sustainable, affordable homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, incorporating high-quality design and construction while preserving the spirit of the community’s culture. The Lower 9th Ward was one of the most devastated areas of New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Brad Pitt, Make It Right’s Founder, hopes that this project will be a catalyst for recovery and redevelopment throughout the Lower 9th Ward and across the city of New Orleans.

HOW (can you help?)

You can purchase “Be On Our Way” – featuring Grammy Award winner Van Hunt with New Orleans rapper Supervision, Buku Wise and Hidden Faces at the Apple iTunes store or make a donation to the campaign. You can also repost this link and help spread the word in your social networks.

Hurricane Season


“Be On Our Way” – Featuring Van Hunt with Supervision, Buku Wise & Hidden Faces
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