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Amazing Soundtrack

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Award-Winning Hollywood Film Composer and Producer bridges Western and Chinese Pop Culture with a powerful Original Soundtrack for Amazing – a new release from Shanghai Studios in association with the NBA which made its World Premiere June 17th at the 2013 Shanghai International Film Festival.

“Collaborating with Frank came to my mind from the first moment I read the script. I knew he would deliver a home run and he did. In fact, he did more that that, he knocked it out of the park with an Amazing soundtrack.” – Sherwood Hu, Director

SFGC and NBA2012 Shanghai International Film Festival

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Amazing Original Soundtrack

Fitzpatrick’s soundtrack lifts the film to new heights, bridging any cultural, language and genre barriers, helping Hu create a model for Chinese cinema that audiences in China have experienced previously only through dubbed Hollywood films. Fitzpatrick’s original soundtrack includes a dynamic score that sets the tone of the film by mixing traditional dramatic themes recorded with the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra with modern electronic and rock undertones and the soaring voice of lead soprano Ying Huang. The immense popularity of NBA Basketball in China inspired a driving main title song “Hip Hop Nation” featuring Hip Hop legend KRS One along with other pop and urban songs with artists from around the globe, highlighted by Fitzpatrick’s inspiring dance single and video for “Rise On Up”. A live multi-media performance of the Amazing love theme “The Kiss” (Ying Huang) provided the centerpiece for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Shanghai Festival – broadcast to an estimated 200 million viewers.

Download Amazing – Fitzpatrick Soundtrack Press Release (English)
Download Amazing – Fitzpatrick Soundtrack Press Release (Mandarin)

“Rise On Up” – Featuring Jacob Luttrell

“The Kiss” – Theme song from Amazing

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