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Amazing Original Soundtrack

The Original Soundtrack to the film AmazingLimited Edition Signature Series

Donate $25 or more and receive your own copy of the Original Soundtrack to the film Amazing SIGNED by Composer, Frank Fitzpatrick! Hurry! Only while supplies lasts!

Award-Winning Hollywood Film Composer and Producer, Frank Fitzpatrick, bridges Western & Chinese Pop Culture with a powerful Original Soundtrack for Amazing – a new release from Shanghai Studios in association with the NBA. Fitzpatrick’s original soundtrack includes a dynamic score that sets the tone of the film by mixing traditional dramatic themes recorded with the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra with modern electronic and rock undertones and the soaring voice of lead soprano Ying Huang.

“The Kiss” by Frank Fitzpatrick featuring Ying Huang and The Chinese National Symphony Orchestra

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Sasha Lazard - The Myth of Red

Sasha Lazard: The Myth of RedLimited Edition Signature Series

Donate $25 or more and receive your own copy of The Myth of Red SIGNED by Sasha Lazard herself! Hurry! Only while supplies lasts!

Sasha Lazard’s debut album, The Myth of Red, guest stars DJ Spooky, Lily Hayden, Delerium, and Minge Binge. The single, “Awakening” hit #3 on the Billboard Hot Club Charts and the album reached #13 on the Classical Crossover Charts. New York Trance Soprano Sasha Lazard and Writer/Producer Frank Fitzpatrick pioneer a new musical fusion of classical art songs, Russian folk tunes and contemporary electronic beats.

“Awakening” by Sasha Lazard featuring Lili Haydn

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Sasha Lazard - Miles Away EP

Sasha Lazard: Miles Away EPLimited Edition Signature Series

Donate $25 or more and receive your own copy of the Miles Away EP SIGNED by Sasha Lazard herself! Hurry! Only while supplies lasts!

Although just a 5-song EP, this is a rare and limited release featuring some previously unreleased musical gems from the original Trance Soprano – Sasha Lazard. Tracks include a stunning remake of “All Through the Night,” a seductive Italian-meets-African rendition of the Top 10 World Music hit “Love Is,” and the title song “Miles Away” – a classic Chill Out track featuring the Danish duo Bliss.

“Miles Away” by Sasha Lazard

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EarthTones Sampler CD

EarthTones: Music With a Heart Sampler CD

Now available EXCLUSIVELY through EarthTones!!

The EarthTones: Music With A Heart Sampler CD features an exclusive collection of featured artists and recordings from EarthTones productions and social campaigns. Hear an eclectic and inspiring mix of songs from amazing artists like Ziggy Marley, Lina, K’Naan, Angelique Kidjo, Van Hunt, Spanky Wilson, Anthony Hamilton, Guru Singh and Seal.

“Soul Music” by Anthony Hamilton

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Beat The World Album Cover

Beat the World (Original Soundtrack and DVD)

The Original Soundtrack to the film Beat the World features international collaborations between some of the biggest names in conscious Hip Hop, including KRS-One, K’NAAN, Talib Kweli, Nneka, Ziggy Marley, Les Nubians, and more.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Beat the World (The Original Soundtrack) will be donated to provide scholarships to underserved youth for the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

“Express Yourself” by Nneka featuring Ziggy Marley & Eeday

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Urban Roots (Limited Edition DVD)

Urban Roots is a documentary film from Tree Media (11th Hour) following the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. Urban Roots is a timely, moving and inspiring work that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the film and soundtrack will help fund the Farms in Schools program.

“Said and Done” by Lina

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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season (Limited Edition DVD)

Starring Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington and Lil’ Wayne, Hurricane Season is the inspiring true story about Al Collins (Whitaker), a high school coach, who pulls together an unlikely group of basketball players – all disenfranchised by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina – to defy both the odds and their repressive conditions by winning the State Championship.


“Be On Our Way” featuring Van Hunt with Supervision, Buku Wise & Hidden Faces

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Yoga Revolution: Volume 1

Various Artists:Yoga Revolution

Yoga Revolution is a compilation CD series with proceeds to help the Yoga Health Foundation provide yoga-based fitness programs for underserved youth and schools across the country. The debut CD is a collection of inspiring tracks from top-selling artists including Sarah McLachlan, Ziggy Marley, Peter Gabriel, Michael Franti, Sheryl Crow, Krishna Das, Anjelique Kidjo, Seal & Guru Singh, Anoushka Shankar & Sting.

“I Am” by Guru Singh featuring Seal & Friends

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Steve Gold

Steve Gold: Let Your Heart Be Known

Let Your Heart Be Known is a welcome addition to the current collection of sacred music releases. Destined to be a classic, Steve Gold’s soulful genre-buster will elicit tears of joy.” – Felicia Tomasko, Editor-in-chief, LA YOGA Magazine

This album is a revelation into Steve’s musical roots: a down to the Delta journey through the Mississippi blues and world of folk music, merging with the power of Sanskrit mantras of the Ganges.

“Guide My Way (Om Asatoma)” by Steve Gold

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A Mad World - The Best of Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces: A Mad World – The Best of Hidden Faces

MAD WORLD is Hidden Faces’ first official release since the group disbanded in the late ’90s, as well as the only available collection of these classic recordings. MAD WORLD is a true collector’s item for fans of Hidden Faces or simply lovers of great classic R&B and Rock. The record is dedicated to one of the original lead singers, Roger Burn, who recently passed away from cancer at the young age of 46. A portion of the proceeds from this CD will go to support EarthTones’ ongoing Music and Healing research and programming.

“Gravity” featuring Hidden Faces

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Eeday - Rise Up

Eeday: Rise Up

This debut record from the former leader of the reggae band Urban Fire is immediately accessible and radio friendly. Eeday is one of the few artists who is able to successfully combine a smooth lyrical singing style with original rap and toast. His music has been featured on MTV, EXTRA, KROQ, KSBR and KCRW, as well as in the soundtracks to Disney’s Jump In!, Breaking the Rules, In Too Deep and Jamaica Beat. A portion of the proceeds from this CD will go to support EarthTones’ ongoing Music and Healing programs and productions.

“Rise Up” featuring Eeday

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New Standards

Frank Fitzpatrick: New Standards – Ballads for Solo Piano

An intimate and moving collection of original ballads by composer/producer Frank Fitzpatrick written in the style of the great standards of the early 40′s (Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, etc.) and performed on solo piano by jazz great Mitchell Forman (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea). The music has received unanimous applause from critics and buyers alike, been featured in films and TV and found a home at many healing centers. New Standards is guaranteed to satisfy even the most critical listener. A portion of the proceeds from this CD will go to support EarthTones’ ongoing Music and Healing research and programming.

“Until Tonight” performed by Mitchell Forman

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